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Commercial Alarms

We can install a basic security system in your business or commercial property that will provide a minimal level of security at a very reasonable price.

We have been laying out and installing alarm systems in a variety of businesses since 1980.
The experience we have accumulated will help us to design a better system for you.

There are certain basic security concepts that haven’t changed much over the years, doors, windows, etc.,
but technology has allowed us to change the design in ways that are more efficient and cost effective.
More advice and less equipment can sometimes work out best.

We will listen to you and try to understand what you are trying to accomplish.
Then we will put together some thoughts, ideas, and prices that we think will help you.

We will design a system that fits your budget and yet protects your business with a certain level of security.

Giving good advice is what we do best - going on 30 years now.