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Angel Security

Burglar Alarms & Security Cameras

-  Security Cameras  -

1080p Smart Wi-Fi surveillance cameras are $299 for indoors and $399 for outdoors (no monthly fees and free phone app).

All of our cameras can be programmed to send you alert notifications and use infrared technology to see in pitch black.

The outdoor cameras have integrated lights to illuminate an area either full-time or only when motion is detected.

Some cameras can emit a beep or a siren sound when they sense motion to remind people they are being recorded.

We can install a video camera system in your home or business that suits your needs and budget.

Something as simple as a video doorbell camera watching the front door, or a more complex system that thoroughly monitors an entire property. Some cameras even integrate with your alarm system.

We use equipment that is reliable and of a certain quality, that we stand behind and guarantee.

Our cameras allow you to view them remotely using an app, without any monthly fees.

We also service and repair all brands of analog security cameras, IP network cameras, DVR's, and NVR's.

Contact Us

Dave Whitman (owner)
call or text: (602) 882-9902


16312 E. Carmel Dr.
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268